At JT Custom Painting, we have a top rated process that is sure to please anyone. Our experienced professionals make sure to take each, detailed step with care and effectiveness so as to ensure the best coverage for the painting job. Other painters can be sloppy, cut corners, and overcharge you for their inefficient work. But the expert painters at JT Custom Painting are prepared to offer you the best quality painting available, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Power washing exterior paint with JT Custom Painting in Arizona

1. Power Washing

First, our expert painters will power wash the exterior of your house to remove any unwanted dust, dirt, and residue that may have piled up over the years. Without this vital step, the paint will peel away and chip frequently no matter how good or effective the painter was. Power washing the exterior of your house is important to making sure that your new coat of paint lasts as long as possible. And we make sure to cover every inch to ensure full cleanliness.

2. Trenching

The next step our painters will take at JT Custom Painting is to start trenching around the foundation of the home. Essentially, this means that we will rake loose dirt and gravel away so that painting below the grade is possible. This is the best way to make sure that every inch of your home that is visible is covered and so that there are no gaps of the previous color left behind. Trenching will not affect any of the termite protection you have in place, because we just take the loose gravel away and make sure we can paint the entire surface of your home.

Trenching and cleaning exterior before residential painting in Mesa, Arizona
Masking exterior windows before paint job in Gilbert, Arizona

3. Masking

Masking is also another important step in our highly satisfying process. Once the trenching is done, our team of highly trained painters will begin masking the areas that are not to be painted. This could mean trim and edging that is supposed to differ from the rest of the home, doors, windows, patio flooring, and any other area that will not have paint applied to it. This is essential to giving your home, fresh, clean lines that are both neat and beautiful.

4. Foundation

Once everything is masked and prepped, our team scrapes and applies a coat of Dry-Lock. This is a type of waterproofing primer that prevents the peeling of your foundation in the future. As Arizona does not get frequent rain, this is the perfect method for protecting the foundation of your home, as it is the area that is exposed to the most moisture, and peeling can occur without the Dry-Lock. The will keep your exterior paint looking fresh and new for years to come.

Exterior commercial painting foundation process in Chandler, Arizona
Scraping chipped paint home exterior painting process in Arizona

5. Scraping

Nothing is worse than applying paint to already chipped and peeling paint. That’s why JT Custom Painting takes the time to scrape away all loose paint so that the fresh coat will stick without effort. We cover the entire area of the house, from the trim and eves to the main body and the foundation. Without this step, your paint won’t last long at all, and you will be forced to have the work done all over again.

6. Drywall Repairs

With our next step, this is where JT Custom Painting goes the extra mile. Our experts will locate damaged areas in your entry and patio drywall, and repair them to make sure that the exterior of your home looks refreshed and beautiful. These areas are re-taped and textured to match the surrounding areas, making sure that the previous damage is unnoticeable. This gives the appearance of uniformity and makes sure that every area is covered.

Drywall repair with exterior painting process in Gilbert, Arizona
Stucco and wall repairs before painting services in Mesa, Arizona

7. Stucco Repairs

What good would a new paint job be if the stucco was damaged? JT Custom Painting prides itself in his thorough repairs made to the stucco of your home. All of the cracks are located and mended with a stucco patch that is flexible and blends well with the existing stucco. Others may use caulking and other unreliable patches, but at JT Custom Painting, we provide the very best for our customers to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.

8. Caulking

Next, we use caulking in the only locations where it should be applied: around windows, doors, and wood fascia. This will make sure that not only is the color of your home revitalized and renewed, but every singled detail is updated and restored to its proper state. In addition to this, loose trim boards are re-nailed and properly secured, keeping your home in the best shape possible.

Window exterior home caulking with Chandler, Arizona painting company
Paint priming company for exterior buildings in Tempe, Arizona

9. Priming

When painting the exterior of your home, the process begins with primer. We choose the exterior primer that will best suit the needs of your home and acts as a double stick agent to make sure the paint adheres to the surface to which it is being applied. This will prevent peeling in the future, and give your new, fresh coat of paint a long lasting life that will please both you, and your neighbors.

10. Painting Stucco

At JT Custom Painting, thorough stucco painting is our top priority. The paint is applied in two directions to ensure full, maximum coverage to give your home an even coat. First, it is applied horizontally, and then vertically. With some types of stucco, a “Back roll” method is recommended. This means that the paint will be applied first with a sprayer, and then with a roller so that the paint can be worked into the stucco and give you the longest lasting paint.

Fast HOA home painting and affordable stucco repairs in Mesa, AZ
Exterior home trim painting services in Queen Creek, Arizona

11. Painting Trim

Once the body of the house is completed and there is an even coat across the surface, the trim is given two coats of paint. This will give the trim on your home or commercial property the best coverage and protection and ensure that no spots are left unpainted. At JT Custom Painting, no surface will go without flawless coverage. We take care to hand paint the trim, making it even and beautiful.

12. Painting Doors

With JT Custom Painting, not only will your exterior walls be painted, but so will your doors and garages. These surfaces are just as important as the walls of your home, as they can either be the highlight, or the eyesore. JT Custom Painting can ensure that your garage and entry way doors are properly painted to give your home the refined, finished look you have been wanting.

Exterior door painting company in Gold Canyon, Arizona
Painting home metal accents, garages, and gates in Mesa, AZ

13. Painting Accents & Metal

To make sure that the body of your home is unharmed and in need of no more work, the detail work is saved for last. This typically includes metal and accents that need to be hand painted and given careful attention to detail, such as electrical boxes and garage doors. Making sure that every accent stands out and coincides well with the body of your home is an important process at JT Custom Painting.

14. Project Clean Up

At JT Custom Painting, the cleanup is just as important as the rest if our highly refined and perfected steps. We remove all masking from windows, doors, and other areas where they were applied. Next, loose paint chips are picked up so there is no debris from your previous painting job left lying in your yard, and every last piece of equipment will be retrieved and taken off site with us. Our professionals will make sure your that your property looks as though no one was ever there.

Cleaning in Gilbert, Arizona, exterior painting process
Home Mesa, AZ, painting process and inspecting for flaws

15. Inspection

The final step in our top rated process is arguably the most important, the inspection phase. There will be a foreman onsite who will do a full walk through inspection to make sure that our work meets and exceeds our JT Custom Painting quality standards. Once he has made his evaluation, he will approach you and ask you to inspect the work yourself to make sure that you are happy with the job. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

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